Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Ordines in the Post!

Orders for Ordo 2009 are now going out via AirMail for non-UK customers and 2nd class post for UK ones.

Ordo 2009 got delayed slightly at the printers. Last year an Adobe Acrobat file was used by the printer without any problem. This year the new printer (the former had increased their quotation by a ridiculous amount) had the same format but the dotted lines separating the date and liturgical colours would not print properly. The line was then changed to a solid one but the process had begun and some eighty Ordines were produced which had the defective line. Perhaps they would have become collectors items in a hundred years' time but they ended up in the recycling bin.

The solid line versions arrived on Wednesday and are now going out in batches so please be patient.

Two friends at the weekend commented on how much better the quality of print is this year. The print is much blacker and, consequently, much easier to read. I am delighted with the new printers and trust that you, esteemed customers, will be similarly pleased with your copy(ies) of Ordo 2009.

I am also setting up a PayPal account but have to wait a few days for verification. Please watch this blog.

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