Sunday, 21 November 2010

XXVI and Last Sunday after Pentecost

Today is the twenty-sixth and last Sunday after Pentecost. It is also the fifth Sunday of November. The day is of semi-double rite and the liturgical colour is green. The Gospel pericopes from St. Matthew contain the prophetic words of the LORD concerning the last days and the coming of the Antichrist.

At Vespers yesterday afternoon the psalms of Saturday were sung. The antiphon on the Magnificat was Super muros tuos for the Saturday before the fifth Sunday of November. After the collect of the Sunday commemorations were sung of the preceding Office of St. Felix of Valois and then of the Presentation of the Virgin. Jam sol recedit igneus was sung with the Doxology, and melody of, Jesu tibi sit gloria etc. The Suffrage of the Saints was omitted because of the occurring double feasts as were the Dominical preces at Compline. At Compline, and the other Hours the hymns are sung with the Doxology and melody as at Vespers.

At Mattins in the first nocturn the lessons are the Incipit of the Book of Michah the Prophet. (The week ahead, with its completion of the series of Minor Prophets, often sese many of the Incipits move to ensure their reading. This year their movements are relatively constrained with Monday's Incipit of the Book of Nahum being read as the first lesson on Tuesday). In the second nocturn the lessons are from St. Basil the Great on the thirty-third psalm. In the third nocturn the homily is from St. Jerome on St. Matthew's Gospel. At Lauds, after the collect of the Sunday, a commemoration of the Presentation is sung. At Prime (Pss. 117, 118i & 118ii) both Quicumque and the Dominical preces are omitted because of the occurring double feast. In the short responsory the versicle is Qui natus es.

Mass is sung after Terce. The Gloria is sung, the second collect is of the Presentation. There is no third collect. The Creed is sung and the preface of the Blessed Trinity and the last Gospel is of the Presentation.

Vespers are of the Sunday. After the collect of the Sunday commemorations are sung of the following Office of St. Cecilia and of the Presentation. Lucis creator is sung with the melody and Doxology Jesu tibi sit gloria. At Compline the Dominical preces are omitted because of the occurring double feasts.

In the 'liturgical books of 1962' there are no commemorations or Suffrage at Vespers, and therefore no special Doxology. Mattins is cut down to one nocturn of three lessons. At Lauds there is neither commemoration nor Suffrage. At Mass there is but one collect and the last Gospel In principio. Vespers are of the Sunday without any commemorations.

Art: Jerome Nadal Nadal's image of the Antichrist enthroned whilst the clergy and people give him false worship.

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