Sunday, 23 October 2011

XIX Sunday after Pentecost

The nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost is, this year, the fourth Sunday of October. It is of semi-double rite and its liturgical colour is green. As it is also the penultimate Sunday of October it is also Mission Sunday. At the request of the Superior Council of the Pontifical Work for the Propogation of the Faith the Sacred Congregation of Rites directed in 1926 that the prayer, from the Votive Mass Pro Propagatione Fidei, should be added to all Masses today as an oratio imperata pro re gravi. The Gospel pericopes contain the parable of the wedding feast from St. Matthew's Gospel with the sobering concluding words of the LORD Multi enim sunt vocati, pauci vero electi.

At Vespers yesterday afternoon the psalms of Saturday were sung. The antiphon on the Magnificat was Exaudiat Dominus for the Saturday before the fourth Sunday of October. After the collect of the Sunday the Suffrage of the Saints was sung. At Compline the Dominical preces were sung.

At Mattins the invitatory is Adoremus Dominum etc and the hymn is Primo die. In the first nocturn the lessons are the Incipit of the Second Book of the Machabees. In the second nocturn the lessons are from a tract of St. Chrysostom on the forty-third psalm. In the third nocturn the homily is from St. Gregory on St. Matthew's Gospel. At Lauds, after the collect of the Sunday, the Suffrage of the Saints is sung.

At Prime (Pss. 117, 118i & 118ii) Quicumque is sung as are the Dominical preces.

Mass is sung after Terce. The Gloria is sung, the second collect is A cunctis, the third collect is chosen from those available for use by the Dean or Rector. Today a fourth collect is added, the oration Deus, qui nos homines..., for the propogation of the faith. This fourth collect is taken from the Votive Mass Pro Propagatione Fidei. The Creed is sung and the the preface of the Blessed Trinity.

Vespers are of the Sunday, a commemoration is sung of the following Office of St. Raphael the Archangel. The Suffrage of the Saints is omitted as are the Dominical preces at Compline due to the concurring double feast.

In the 'liturgical books of 1962' the Suffrage is omitted at Vespers as are the Dominical preces at Compline. Mattins is cut down to one nocturn. At Lauds the Suffrage is omitted. At Prime Quicumque and the Domincal preces are not sung. At Mass the prayer Deus, qui omnes homines is added to the collect of the Sunday under one conclusion. There are no other collects. At Vespers there are no commemorations.

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