Tuesday, 26 March 2013

How can anyone take it seriously?

A picture, it is said, is worth a thousand words. In this instance I would venture that the words 'excecrable crap' saves nine hundred and ninety-eight words! At least the 'biological solution' should dispose of some of these elderly modernists before too long.

Photograph: New Liturgical Movement


Romanitas said...

How.... unusual.

At least they used a table that isn't a collapsible kitchen table, one more worthy of the prescribed osculum.

They also sang the Passion facing South(!?!?)

Rubricarius said...

Well, it is hardly Sheraton. More seriously, it does shew the bizzare nature of the new rite to perfection. The celebration on Sunday by Francis of Rome, starting at the Obelisk of Caligula, was far more stylish - yet again proving the point that 'OF' is far superior to 'EF'.