Friday, 21 March 2014

Buy it now! Holy Week - The Complete Offices in Latin and English - Abbot Cabrol

A full review will appear here next week but I was delighted to receive a review copy of Abbot Cabrol's 'Holy Week - The Complete Offices in Latin in English' thanks to the kindness of Carmel Books.

The book is a facsimile reprint of the 1927 edition by the brilliant Abbot Fernand Cabrol, OSB. There are no unpleasant later additions but it is a genuine reprint of the original. The typeface is much larger than that found in Dr. Fortescue's Holy Week book and even my eyes can read it without having to resort to brighter light (or buy spectacles!)

The book contains the major services of Palm Sunday, Mandy Thursday (including the Mandatum ceremony which some infamous bloggers keep telling us didn't exist before 1956), Good Friday, Holy Saturday and the great Mass of Easter Sunday. The full Tenebrae services for the days of the Triduum are also there. The format is parallel columns of the Latin texts with a, very good, English translation.

Don't wait for my review but buy it now from Carmel Books and treat yourself - you will not be disappointed.


Auriel Ragmon said...

Is there an American or Canadian supplier for the Holy Week book?

James Morgan
Olympia, WA

Rubricarius said...


The publisher is IHS Press from Virginia and the ISBN-13 is: 978-1-60570-093-9

I am sure Carmel would despatch to the USA.

Carmel Books said...


Thanks for the publicity and forthcoming review - greatly appreciated.


Yes we can and do supply items to the USA and elsewhere, but it makes far more sense for an American to buy a US-published book from the US.

IHS Press have been revamping their website and the new version should launch soon, but you can buy it from ISOC:

Anonymous said...

Just received "Holy Week - The Complete Offices in Latin and English" today. I will be looking forward to use it now and for many years to come.
It would also be fantastic if you could reissue "Breviarum Romanum" in 1952 Benziger Brothers edition.

JMJ Thomas