Monday, 9 November 2015

Available soon!

Ordo 2016 will be available for despatch very soon. Please watch this space. A new cart for Ordo 2016 will be set up when it is available. It would be much appreciated if people did not order the 2015 edition hoping to get 2016.

It is gratifying and pleasing to see so many enquiries already about the 2016 edition. Ordo 2015 sold very well with many new customers from around the world as a new generation starts to understand the richness of the Roman liturgy and to follow the praxis of previous generations now gone to the LORD. November is, of course, a most suitable time to remember them.

On a different note if there is a bilingual Portuguese-English speaker willing to do a small amount of translation work for the website in exchange for a gratis copy of Ordo 2016 please do make contact.


Richard Duncan said...

Good news. I find the Ordo an invaluable help in saying the Office. I have a set of German breviaries which used to belong to Fr Woodruff of the London Oratory. But clear as these are, they don't give all the answers and your Ordo is a great help in settling quaestiones disputatae.

Thank you.

Marco da Vinha said...

Rubricarius, I am available for the translation work. I believe you have my e-mail address already.

The Rad Trad said...

I would encourage anyone considering a copy to read this review and then just click the shopping cart.

Rubricarius said...

Thank you, Rad Trad.

A shopping cart for 2016 will appear early next week.