Sunday, 17 September 2017

XV Sunday after Pentecost

The fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost is of semi-double rite and its liturgical colour is green. This year it is the third Sunday of September. The Gospel pericopes sung at Mattins and Mass are from the seventh chapter of St. Luke's Gospel recount the raising by the LORD from the dead of the son of the widow of Nain. The week ahead will contain the September Ember Days.

At Vespers yesterday afternoon the antiphons and psalms of Saturday were sung. The Office hymn was Jam sol recedit igneus and the antiphon on the Magnificat was Ne reminiscaris for the Saturday before the third Sunday of September. After the collect of the Sunday commemorations were sung of the preceding Office of SS Cornelius & Cyprian and of the Impression of the Stigmata of St. Francis. The Suffrage was omitted as were the Dominical preces at Compline.

At Mattins the invitatory is Dominum qui fecit nos and the Office hymn isNocte surgentes. In the first nocturn the lessons are the Incipit of the Book of Tobias. In the second nocturn the lessons are from a sermon of St. Leo on fasting in the seventh month. In the third nocturn the lessons are a homily from St. Augustine on St. Lukes's Gospel. The Te Deum is sung. At Lauds the Office hymn is Ecce jam noctis. After the collect of the Sunday a commemoration of St. Francis is sung. The Suffrage is omitted.

At Prime (Pss. 117, 118i & 118ii) both Quicumque and the Dominical preces are omitted.

Mass is sung after Terce. The Gloria is sung, the second collect is of St. Francis. Today there is no the third collect. The Creed is sung and the preface is of the Holy Trinity.

Prior to the reform of 1911-13 the third Sunday in September was the feast of the Seven Sorrows of the BVM. One Mass, but not the Conventual Mass, may be celebrated of the feast. The Mass Stabant juxta Crucem is sung in white vestments. A commemoration of the Sunday is sung, the Creed is sung, the preface is of the BVM and the last Gospel is of the Sunday.

Vespers are of the Sunday. The Office hymn is Lucis creator. After the collect of the Sunday commemoration are sung of the following Office of St. Joseph of Cupertino and of St. Francis. The Suffrage is omitted. At Compline the Dominical preces are omitted.

In the 'liturgical books of 1962' there are no commemorations at either Vespers. Mattins is cut down to a single nocturn. At Lauds there are no commemorations. At Mass there is only one collect.


Anonymous said...

Today is Sunday and our Bishop celebrated the Seven Sorrows of the BVM today.
What year did this feast start?

+DM said...

I, too, offered the Mass in honour of the Seven Dolours of Our Lady on Sunday. This day's feast was granted to the Servites,[1668], extended to Spain (1735); to Tuscany (double of the second class with an octave, 1807). After his return from his exile in France, Pope Pius VII extended the feast to the Latin Church (18 September, 1814), major double); it was raised to the rank of a double of the second class, 13 May, 1908.

I hope you were pleasantly surprised with the opportunity to honour Our Lady's title; chapels keeping this feast on a September Sunday are few and far between.

Rubricarius said...


The September feast is later and dates to the time of Pius VII.

Anonymous said...

I've been attending this chapel for over 3 years.
I didn't know until this year our Bishop and priest celebrate/offer some feasts before 1911.
The past 2 years I thought it was strictly 1939 or "pre-1950."
This blog and other websites are where I am trying to learn about the Ordo and it is much more complex than most people realise.
Seems like if one has a teacher they can speak with face to face it would be easier to learn?
I could be wrong on that but to say the entire Ordo is complex is an understatement.