Saturday, 2 July 2022

Plus ça change

Elsewhere there have been several interesting discussions about how the feast of the Sacred Heart displaces the Nativity of St. John the Baptist this year. By chance, looking for something else, I came across an interesting precursor (pun intended!) for the Diocese of Autun from 1892, predating the provisions of Divino afflatu etc.

SS Peter and Paul would suffer the same fate too according to the decree. One cannot but notice, with regret, the mentality to give precedence to the modern over the ancient...

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Paulus said...


I noticed that an antiphonary from 1891 had the feast of the Sacred Heart as a double of the 1st class already and it allowed it to be transferred. I presume this could happen only when it fell on 24 or 29 June, thus respecting the 2 ancient feasts (maybe also in case of a local patron, I don't know).

If the feast of Sacred Heart was transferred, to which day was it transferred? Was their any difference when it was a major double and when it was made a d1cl? Was there ever any rule, perhaps a local one, that it was to be transferred to a Friday?