Sunday, 2 October 2022

The first week of October


John Meyers said...

Two questions, neither specific to this post!

1. It is not clear if the prayers before and after the office are said before/after each hour of the office prayed or before the first hour and after the last hour. I have seen different interpretations, so am expecting it may be a local custom. But I figured I would ask.

2. When the Office for the dead is prayed immediately after the "regular" hour, does it always begin after Benedicámus Dómino & Deo grátias? It's clear that would be done at Vespers, but if also done at Lauds, would that mean the Marian antiphon would be skipped?

As always, thanks for your work and willingness to share your knowledge.


Rubricarius said...

@John Meyers,

The praxis I have seen, and follow is to say Aperi, Dne etc before each Hour, or group of Hours if several are said together and Sacrosanctae only after the last.

WRT the Office of the Dead I say Mattins & Lauds of the Dead after the Benedicamus Dno of Lauds of the day as per the rubric in the BR, thus omitting the Marian antiphon. I know the CE mentions the practice of having Vespers, Mattins and Lauds of the Dead all as one service which makes sense.

I am sure there was a variety of praxis.

John Meyers said...

Thanks for the explanation/information. I bas1cally expected the answers, but as you said, it probably varied from location to location.