Monday 21 November 2022

Ordo Recitandi MMXXIII now available to order

The Saint Lawrence Press is pleased to announce that Ordo Recitandi MMXXIII is now available to order. We are still able to offer this edition at the same cover price as previous years although this will be the last year at £10 per copy. Outside of our control Royal Mail has yet again increased its postage charges but for UK postage only - so far!

Please visit the Online Shop to place your order.

The prices are inclusive of the cost of postage, either 2nd class post for the UK or 'International Standard' (olim AirMail) to all other countries. Please note the different options (UK, Europe, Zone1, Zone2 & Zone3) and choose the one that applies to your country. USA customers please note you are in your own, exclusive, Zone 3. If you are unsure of which Zone you are in please visit here. There are also different options depending on the number of copies you require. E.g. if you want two copies (to the same address) then order one of '2 copies of Ordo 2023' etc rather than two single copies. If you require more than 5 copies, but less than 10, then e.g. for 8 copies please order 3 copies plus 5 copies - the postage is cheaper that way.

If you live outside of the UK e.g in the USA, France etc and choose the option of a copy/copies to a UK address then, unfortunately, your payment will have to be refunded and you will be invited to re-order the correct option for where you live.

To our customers and friends in the EU last year was a veritable nightmare following the end of the UK's transition arrangements causing significant disruption, and delay, to the flow of packages to Europe.  It was frustrating and disheartening to find customers we have served for over 40 years have their orders disrupted.  Hopefully, this may be a smoother process this year. To all those customers and friends please do not think we all support Brexit! Some of us think it was a monumental act of self-harm, a shameful disgrace, a calamity for the poor,  and the worst thing to happen to these Islands since the Execution of King Charles I and the Protestant Revolt a century earlier and, indeed, all have similar motivational drivers. Another Spanish Armada, successful this time, to liberate us from the dark malaise would be most welcome!

Please note that due to the continuing care needs of my father orders can only be processed and despatched on Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays. Thank you, in advance, for your understanding.