Sunday 4 December 2022

The second week of Advent


Thomas said...


I notice that when the prayer Fidelium is said, there are four collects: does the rule requiring an odd number only apply to prayers said ad libitum?

Rubricarius said...

Yes. There is a myth that there has to be an odd number of collects in any Mass. Whilst that may have been true at one time in the Roman rite since Trent that does only apply to the addition of votive orations.

Thomas said...

Thank you.
During the Christmas Octave, when would the Sunday within the Octave be kept if the local propers have a duplex feast on the 30th? Am I correct in assuming, at least in this country, that the Sunday would be commemorated on 30th (since 26-29th are all duplex 2 classis)?