Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Vigil of Pentecost in photographs

Saint Gertrude the Great have posted some photographs of the Vigil of Pentecost celebrated there in May. I believe these photographs are unique in being the only set currently available on the Web showing the celebration of the Vigil of Pentecost. For for those who have never seen the Vigil celebrated a most valuable resource.

The photographs show the celebration of the function at the faldstool but the structure of the service can be followed from the post here on the celebration of this magnificent Vigil.

Hopefully, in the fullness of time, many more Vigils of Pentecost will be celebrated across the globe.


davidforster said...

Thank you for posting these. Would that the quality and species of liturgy available at SGG was more widely available in England too!

Rubricarius said...



Anonymous said...

Glorious liturgy, pity about the church.They should read Fr Silk's little booklet on Arts and Traditional Catholic Worship.
Alan Robinson

Rubricarius said...


I certainly don't disagree with you as a matter of principle.

I am sure you would however agree that the current St. Gertrudes deserves marks for having the font and confessional in the narthex - as seen in the photograph I posted.

Not my idea of a rood screen but de gustibus... I am still grateful that they have posted photographs of a ceremony even I have only seen four times in my life and don't have a photographic record of.

Anonymous said...

Yes, agreed. I wish you coyuld find pictures of the same at the Abbey Church of Downside from the 1940s. A non-Catholic contributer to a book of essays about Dom David Knowles O.S.B.,said that Dom David's private Low Mass and the Abbot's Pontifical High Mass at Downside were the two most beautiful and moving religious ceremonies he had ever witnessed.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful liturgy, but I was wondering, is St. Gertrude the Great's a sedevacantist congregation?


Rubricarius said...


Yes. Although some, one expects, will hold the sedeprivationist hypothesis as does Bishop Sanborn.

Peter said...

Mr. Robinson,

Where can one find a copy of this booklet?

Peter said...

Is it traditional to place the confessional in the narthex of the church? For the bapistery one can certainly appreciate the symbolism.