Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Ordo!

Ordo MMXI begins today!

The postal service, both in the UK and abroad, has been very slow this year. One of the first orders this year was sent on the last Saturday in November by AirMail and only arrived at its destination with the customer in California this week - truly appalling! On Christmas Eve several orders arrived at the Saint Lawrence Press that had been posted on December 6th in the UK! It has not helped that I was late sending the paper and email reminders - I have not been well in 2010 and prayers for my good health would be appreciated.

Orders are being despatched as soon as they arrive but for those still awaiting their copies of the Ordo January 2011 can be found here as a pdf file.

Ordo MMXI has seen the insertion of letters to indicate psalmody at the request of a major customer, and long time friend, in the States. Many publishing houses of Ordines in the past incorporated these. The explanation for these letter can be found at the bottom of page 15. After the rank of each day three letters will be found indicating the psalmody for Mattins, Lauds and the Hours. So for today these are 'pdF'. This means the psalms at Mattins are proper; the Dominical psalms are sung at Lauds and the Festal (lower case f when it appears indicates ferial) psalms are sung at the Hours with psalm 53, Deus in nomine tuo, being the first psalm at Prime.

At the end of the day's entry two more letters appear to indicate the psalmody at Vespers and Compline. So for today we have 'pd'. Again this means that proper psalms are sung at Vespers, the Dominical psalms sung at Compline.

More examples will be worked through as we progress. Hopefully customers will appreciate this addition.

May 2011 bring many blessings to all customers and readers!


Paleo-Con said...

May you have the happiest of new years; I will be praying for your continued health.

davidforster said...

Thank you for the Ordo and for all the work you do throughout the year to promote knowledge of the Traditional liturgy.