Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Vestments of Adrian Fortescue, DD - Part VII

On Gaudete Sunday it seems appropriate to end this series of posts with a rose set of vestments of Dr. Fortescue.

The set is complete and in good condition. The cut of the chasuble is similar to that of the first violet set, the chauble modelled on that of St. Thomas of Canterbury at Sens, but a slightly fuller in cut. The ground material is a deep rose silk with golden ornamentation. It has a 'Tau' cross silk velvet orfrey to its front and rear. The orfreys are edged with gold braid. The chasuble is still in regular use.

Above: Detail of the chalice veil and stole. Again note the narrowness and length of this splendid vestment. Below: the burse.

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