Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Within the Octave... of the 'editio typica' 1962 Missale Romanum

The Rorate Caeli blog recently started a series of posts on the 'typical' edition of the 1962 Missal referencing the decree (above) which prefaces the June 23rd edition. Following the comments from several readers it seems appropriate to have a series of posts here. In most posts the changes in the day between the traditional Roman rite and the 1962 rite are generally noted but some readers may be unaware that a celebration using the 1962 missal is different every single day of the year, sometimes in minor degrees, to the rite in use even two years earlier.

The vexatious issue of what 'typical' edition will be discussed last but suffice it to say that it is clear by simple logic that if the 'typical' edition is from June 1962 it cannot contain the name of St. Joseph in the communicantes as that was decreed in December of the same year.

The first post will consider changes in layout, appearance and content between the 1962 book and traditional forms.


Patrick Sheridan said...

I look forward to reading your thoughts on the subject.

Anonymous said...

I do, too!
--Fr. Capreolus

Jack B. said...

Thank you very much for this series. In all honesty, I hoped you would have a parallel series of your own.

As you may have seen, Rorate's initial post had a number of comments that were all objective, respectful, and informative. However, "New Catholic" deleted all of those critical of the 1962 missal and literally called us liars and schismatics. That was hurtful and itself a lie. I love Pope Benedict XVI!

I knew New Catholic preferred the '62 missal himself, but not to the extent that he would block intelligent conversation. I even pointed out articles by Carlos Palad and Abbe Carusi on Rorate that criticize the missal, but that comment too, was deemed "schismatic."

I accept the use '62 missal as legitimate but hope for a restoration. As another deleted commentor had asked, "Does that make me a schismatic?"

I will be sure to send your series to my friends; the topic of the '62 missal has been coming up frequently.