Saturday 29 December 2012

Going modern...

Fear not, dear readers, we are not about to adopt or promote the 'rocky horror' service books of '1962'.

However, a move with modernity with respect to the current system of purchasing the Ordo is long overdue. No doubt with our illustrious clients some will continue to send in their hand-written letters in Latin requesting their copy. However, a Shopping Cart was long overdue.

Currently we pay a significant amount in banking charges, particularly for having 'merchant facilities' which has to be paid for the entire year, not just the months in which the vast majority of transactions take place. Therefore we shall be phasing out the current system of credit card payments.

If you have not yet ordered your copy(ies) please use the Shopping Cart as it will be easier for you and easier for us. The items show various combinations of Ordines with the respective postage to the four different price zones according to the Post Office. If your combination is not there then please contact us.

Trusting all readers are having a pleasant and blessed Octaves.

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