Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Available very soon!

Ordo 2017 will be available for despatch very soon. Please watch this space. A new cart for Ordo 2017 will be set up when it is available for despatch. Please do not use the 2016 shopping cart.

As soon as Ordo 2017 is available a notice will appear on this blog and the new shopping cart for the 2017 edition will be available for use.

Thank you all for your continued support of our work.


Richard Duncan said...

Thank you. I was wondering when next year's copy would be available. For future editions, would it be too much bother, or involve too much extra expense, to produce a ring binder version? It would be slightly easier to keep such a copy in the sacristy open at the right page. Don't worry if this is not practicable. The Ordo is invaluable in keeping me on track for the Mass and Office.

Rubricarius said...

The last time a quote was obtained the difference was quite a lot, something like £1 on a copy at cost. A 'bulldog' clip is handy for keeping a booklet open.