Wednesday 23 November 2016

Ordo Recitandi MMXVII is now available for order!

Ordo MMXVII is now available for order. The Saint Lawrence Press is delighted to announce the publication of the forty-fifth consecutive production of the traditional Ordo Recitandi. Despite the latest attempt of plagiarism by certain USA cult, one claiming incidentally to uphold traditional standards of morality(!), the distribution of the Ordo continues to grow and interest in the real traditional liturgy, and not some interim rite of the 1960's steadily increases.

The easiest way to order your copies is to use the Online Shopping Cart.

On behalf of the Board of Directors I would like to thank you for your past custom and support, which has been gratefully received. Your continued support and custom is very much anticipated.


The Flying Dutchman said...

I pleased to say that I have ordered a copy.

The Flying Dutchman said...

And it arrived safely a few days ago. Thank you very much!