Monday, 12 March 2018

Resources for Holy Week

With interest in the Traditional rites of Holy Week continuing to grow it is good to see a new website, Pre1955HolyWeek, with some excellent resources for the celebration of the authentic ceremonies of the Roman rite. (H/T to Rorate Caeli).

The site contains resources for those attending the major services, including Tenebrae for the Triduum, in Latin and English with commentary for the days by Cardinal Schuster. There are also resources for those involved in celebrating and singing the major services, including the unabridged musical notation for the Passions. There are also extracts from ceremonial guides and links to articles that have appeared on the brutal and ill-conceived reform of 1955.

Abbot Cabrol’s splendid work on Holy Week has been reprinted for several years now. For readers in the USA the Daughters of Mary Press have it available at the excellent price of $17.00 – about half the price of what some USA websites offer it – and readers in the UK can buy it from Carmel Books in either hardback at £29.95 or in paperback at £16.95.


Marc said...

Thank you for pointing out the availability of Abbot Cabrol's Holy Week-- I received my copy from the Daughters of Mary Press already, just today. Prayerful best wishes for you as Passiontide begins.

Anonymous said...

There is talk about this matter as, "interest growing"
My spies inside the postconciliar Church inform me that the old holy week now has official approval. Perhaps some clergy have a special channel to the Vatican...