Thursday, 26 November 2020

Ordo Recitandi MMXXI now available to order

Ordo Recitandi MMXXI is now available to order. We are pleased to be able to offer this edition at the same cover price as last year. Outside of our control Royal Mail has increased its postage charges yet again. It has also created a new postal zone, Zone 3, exclusively for USA destinations. We have revamped the shopping cart and hope the inclusion of some national flags to indicate the postage zones will make ordering easier.

Please visit the Online Shop to place your order.

The prices are inclusive of the cost of postage either 2nd class UK postage or 'International Standard' ( olim AirMail) to other countries. Please do make sure you select the correct postage option for your destination, i.e. to the UK, or to Europe (+ Turkey, Russia), or to Zone 3 (USA ONLY), Zone 1 (Canada, South America, Africa, most of Asia) or to Zone 2 (Australia, New Zealand etc). If you are unsure of which Zone you are in please visit here. Then there are different options depending on the number of copies you require. E.g. if you want two copies (to the same address) then order one of '2 copies of Ordo 2021' etc rather than two single copies. 

If you live e.g in the USA, France etc and choose the option of a copy/copies to a UK address then your payment will have to be refunded and you will be invited to re-order the correct option for where you live. 

Please note that due to the illness of a close family member we will only be able to process and despatch orders from Wednesday to Friday inclusive each week.

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