Sunday, 21 September 2008

St. Matthew Apostle and Evangelist (XIX Sunday after Pentecost)

Today is the feast of Saint Matthew the Apostle and Evangelist. The feast is a double of the second class and takes precedence over the semi-double Sunday. The altars and ministers of the Roman rite are vested in red.

As normal Mattins has three nocturns. In the first nocturn the antiphons, psalms, lessons and responsories are all taken from the Common of Apostles. In the second and third nocturns all is from the Common except the lessons that are proper to the feast. The ninth lesson is of the Sunday. Appropriately, although coincidentally, the Gospel fragment of the ninth lesson is also from Matthew: Loquebatur Jesus. The Sunday's first nocturn lessons from the beginning of the Book of Judith are resumed tomorrow with their responsories.

The Sunday is commemorated at Lauds. Festal tones are used for all the hymns of the Office. At Mass the Sunday is again commemorated with its collect and last Gospel. Where possible four cantors lead the choir.

Second vespers are sung of the feast with a commemoration of the following Office (St Thomas of Villanova) and the Sunday.

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