Thursday, 11 March 2010

Some Practical things

Recently, I received an interesting email asking about Triple Candles for Holy Saturday.

Readers may, or may not, find the following of practical use as we prepare for the Triduum.

Instructions on how to make a simple Tenebrae Hearse can be found here.

Instructions on how to make a Triple Candle can be found here.

N.B. The 3" - 4" in reference to the hole refers to its depth, not width - I'll amend the pdf file, sometime, to make that clear.


Capreolus said...

Dear Rubricarius,
I've said it before (perhaps too often!), but I will say it again: your website is simply one of the best. These practical points are very useful and much appreciated. Thank you very much!

Adulio said...

Very useful. I hope that this will encourage groups to celebrate the traditional Holy Week in their full unadulterated glory.

Rubricarius said...


Yes, I hope so and more to come if my inspiration stays up.

We cannot let dear Bugsy win, even if I have a soft spot for him!

Fr. Capreolus,

Thank you. I think and pray for you often, and hope the part of the world you are currently in returns to the magnificent beauty for which it was once famous. Your kind comments, and encouragement, are much appreciated.