Thursday, 25 March 2010

A very valuable on-line resource from the Vatican.

A biretta tip, or a tip of whatever type of headgear one likes, to the Rorate Caeli blog for a post announcing that the Vatican has made the contents of the Acta Apostolicae Sedis, the AAS, (and the former series Acta Sanctae Sedis, ASS) available on-line from the Vatican website here.

The AAS contains the official text of decrees from the pope and the Roman Dicasteries. This is a truly invaluable resource for students of Liturgy, Canon Law and Church History.

I was planning a trip tomorrow to visit the library of Allen Hall Seminary where the only accesible set of 'on the shelf' volumes of AAS now exist in London (as far as I am aware). I have been researching editiones typicae of the Missal and their promulgation in an attempt to resolve a question raised by a friend in Newcastle. The Vatican has saved me the hassle and the tube and bus fare!

Having briefly purused the 1920 volume on-line a few moments ago and was able to find an answer to a question posed to me about today's great feast by a valued customer in Ireland that it had hitherto taken me over five years not to find an answer.

A brilliant resource - thank you Vatican Official whoever you are for the hours of work clearly involved.


Fr Michael Brown said...

This is good news indeed. Our bishop`s house stopped subscribing a long time ago. I never thought to have such ready access to these documents.

Rubricarius said...

The only (slight) criticism is that the files have been produced via OCR. This has resulted in some interesting anomalies such as 'Sakra Congregatio', 'Bitualis' and 'Vj' for versicle etc.

However, rather cleverly the page numbers of the pdf document matches the respective page of the volume of AAS so making referencing and cross-checking much easier.

Overall though this is a superb resource.