Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Post Palm Sunday

There are some rather interesting discussions and postings across the Blogosphere at the moment.

The New Liturgical Movement has two interesting reports from Santissima Trinitata dei Pellegrini in Rome and St-Eugene, Paris. The comments are very interesting indeed and reveal that despite the appearance of red vestments, dalmatics etc much of the Old Rite was actually celebrated including, in Rome, the pericopes of blessing, Sanctus, preface etc. The growing sense of the inadequacies of the committee-work fabricated rites is becoming ever more apparent. The respected British blogger Mulier Fortis has written a post about a splendidly celebrated Traditional Palm Sunday and has a set of photographs that really are a reference set for this magnificent rite.

On Rorate Caeli there is an interesting post referring to a fascinating article on ordinations during the liturgy of Holy Saturday by Fr. Anthony Cekada, which can be found in full along with other interesting posts about Holy Week on his own blog Doctrina Liturgica.

As previously I would urge readers to examine what was hacked out of the Traditional Rites in the 1956 'restoration' and re-read the splendid articles by Gregory DiPippo and Fr. Stephen Carusi.

As to my remarks on Palm Sunday about 'what the vicar likes' it does seem that orthopraxis and good taste is developing in the right direction. An encouraging sign as we approach the Sacred Triduum.


Anonymous said...

A perusal of posted schedules for Triduum ceremonies will show that more than a few locales are observing Tenebrae at the proper time, say 8pm the night before on Wed, Thurs, Fri, rather than the execrable 10am you do find, alas, at plenty of places. Of course the "night before" time is permitted under the 1971 Liturgia Horarum, which means the 10am crowd has 1955-1970 as its "tradition."

-Dr. Lee Fratantuono

Rubricarius said...

Dr. F., The very subject of a post to be published tomorrow.

I could not agree with you more. Canon Law as it existed in 1962 is supposed to apply except where it is more convenient, or decent, to do something else.

A blessed Triduum and Pascha to you and yours!