Monday, 11 August 2008

SS Tiburtius and Susanna Martyrs

An interesting day liturgically. Because of yesterday's feast of St. Lawrence occuring on a Sunday there are several changes in the liturgy all absent from the 1962 rite.

At Mattins the first and second lesson are taken from yesterday, the beginning of the Book of Ecclesiastes, with the Sunday's responsories, the third lesson is the historical lesson proper to SS Tiburtius and Susanna.

At Lauds the Suffrage of the Saints is added and at Prime the 'Dominical Preces' are said. The Mass however is of the Sunday, an example of a 'resumed' Sunday. The rite is simple, there is no Gloria, the second collect is of the feast, the third A cunctis and Benedicamus Domino is sung instead of Ite, missa est. The Mass is celebrated in green vestments. Private Masses, in red vestments, are allowed of the feast with Gloria, second collect of the resumed Sunday, third collect A cunctis. At it is a 'resumed' Sunday private Votive Masses and Requiem Masses are not allowed.

As SS Tiburtius and Susanna' feast is of simple rank vespers is of the following day, St. Clare, which is of double rite. At Compline there are no 'Dominical Preces'.

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