Thursday, 14 August 2008

The Vigil of the Assumption

Another interesting day from a liturgical perspective.

The rite is simple and at Mattins there are three lessons. At Lauds the Second Scheme of psalms is used (the original ferial psalms before the 1911-13 reform), ferial preces are said, a commemoration of St. Eusebius M made and the special Suffrage of the Saints is sung for feasts of the BVM. At Prime and the Hours ferial preces are said. These are said whilst kneeling.

The Mass is in violet vestments the second collect is of St. Eusebius and the third collect is of the Holy Ghost, Deus, qui corda. As is the rule when the Gloria is not sung Benedicamus Domino is chanted by the deacon facing the altar rather than Ite, missa est. As it is a 'kneeling day' all in choir kneel for the orations and from the Sanctus to the response after Pax Domini.

First Vespers of the feast are sung with the dulcid and stunningly beautiful hymn Ave, Maris stella. Compline is sung as on feasts with the special tone for Te lucis used on feasts of the Blessed Virgin.

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