Saturday, 30 August 2008

XVI Sunday after Pentecost and 1st of September

Today, at Vespers, is the start of the Pars Autumnalis volume of the Breviary.

In the traditional rite the first Sunday of August, September, October and November is the one that falls closest to the first day of the month. So the first Sunday of September is celebrated this year on the last day of August.

At Vespers on Saturday the ferial psalms are sung and the antiphon at the Magnificat is Cum audisset Job (for the Saturday before the 1st Sunday of September). A commemoration is made of St. Rose of Lima and of St. Raymond Nonnatus.

At Mattins in the first nocturn the beginning of the Book of Job is read and as usual there are three nocturns. St Raymond is commemorated at both Lauds and at Mass.

The Lessons for the fifth week of August given in the Breviary are not read this year.

Of course in the 1962 books the antiphon at the Magnificat will be different and in its much truncated Mattins of just one nocturn the first and second lesson are from the Book of Ecclesiasticus.