Tuesday, 26 August 2008

St. Zephyrinus Pope & Martyr

The feast is of simple rite and has one nocturn at Mattins of three lessons. At Lauds the Suffrage of the Saints is sung and at Prime the Dominical preces are sung.

However, the Mass is that of the preceding Sunday. As the feast of St. Bartholomew fell on a Sunday its Mass is 'resumed'. The Mass of Pentecost XV is sung in green vestments, without Gloria, with a commemoration of St. Zephyrinus and third collect A cunctis nos. As the Gloria is not sung instead of the dismissal Ite, missa est the deacon chants Benedicamus Domino (facing the altar) at the end of Mass.

'Private' Masses may be of St. Zephyrinus (in red, of course) with Gloria, the second collect of Pentecost XV and third collect A cunctis nos.

As the rank of the day, and that of the resumed Sunday Mass, are both of simple rite then the chant reflects this with the ferial tones being used for the orations, preface and Pater noster. The Graduale directs that one cantor leads the choir and the altar has two candlesticks only following the direction of the Caeremoniale. It would seem appropriate too to use the simpler chants for the pericopes.

An office of simple rite ends after the singing of None. Vespers are of the following feast.


Anonymous said...

At Lauds are the chapter and hymn of the feria or from the Common of a martyr?

Anonymous said...

Gratias tibi.

Rubricarius said...


At Lauds the chapter and hymn are from the Common.