Thursday, 23 October 2008

Ordo Recitandi 2009

We are now taking orders for Ordo Recitandi 2009

There have had to be some minor pricing and postage changes to reflect increased costs but we have kept the base price the same.

There are some minor improvements and the inclusion of the first Martyrology entry for moveable feasts announced on their preceding day.

To order a copy please complete and return the form below

Order Form 2009

We will try and set up a PayPal facility on the main website but last time we tried this was difficult with regard to postage costs. Whilst Rubricarius may know how to transfer mattins lessons ICT skills are not his forte!

Orders will be despatched starting in the first week of November.


Kevin said...

But we would be able to use paypal to send money to you, even if we had to calculate the postage ourselves. Is this possible?

Rubricarius said...


I am sure that must be possible. I will try and sort something out over the weekend.