Thursday, 19 November 2009

Ordines away!

I have sent out two batches of Ordines this week and another batch will go tomorrow. There was a slight delay as I was feeling unwell at the beginning of the week.

It is very encouraging that there are a significant number of new customers this year. To those customers: Welcome and, hopefully, you will find the Ordo useful and of value to your spiritual life. Last year I started a series of 'How to' posts on the Hours which I will re-publish and extend in the next weeks which may be of some help if you are new to the traditional Office.

I trust customers who have received their Ordo are pleased with the improvements on last year's edition. The cover is more durable this year and almost back to the elegance of the design Gavin Stamp produced for Ordo 1986. An expert Latinist also kindly joined the proof-reading team and a number of amenments have been made perhaps most noticeably the replacement of the very new rite 'Praef Dom' with 'Praef Trin' as found in old ordines.

To existing customers thank you too for your repeat business. Some of the email reminders I sent out a month ago 'bounced'. Please check is added to your safe senders list. I have had some problems too with my ISP and am looking to change provider for a more reliable service.

If you have not by now had an email, or the paper reminder, something has gone wrong. Please download the order form and send it as soon as you can so your order can be sent before the Christmas post.

It is possible that Royal Mail staff may take official, or otherwise, action nearer the peak time so please send your order now.


AP said...

Hopefully we contributed a bit to the increase of new customers!

Rubricarius said...

Thank you Carlos for the post on Rorate Caeli.

Perhaps someone can persuade someone NLM to do something similar?

Capreolus said...

I am looking forward--as always--to receiving the Ordo. So far, I've received it on board a ship somewhere in the Persian Gulf, in the deserts of Iraq, and now I look forward to receiving it peacefully here at home! God bless you and your (ever) outstanding work. Faithfully, Fr. Capreolus

Rubricarius said...

Fr. Capreolus,

Thank you. I now realise who you are. May the Lord preserve you in the dangerous zone you are in.