Thursday, 15 April 2010

More from Laudes Festivae

A rather beautiful, and apposite, troped setting of the Lux et origo Kyrie.


Patrick Sheridan said...

I wonder if ''troped'' Kyries were an attempt to bring back the Old Litany, long since done away with by St Gregory I?

Peter said...

On what occasion could a troped Kyrie such as this be sung?

Rubricarius said...


In theory anytime you would use that Mass setting.

As the chant historian Peter Jeffery states in his admirable book 'Translating Tradition' (which tears apart Liturgiam Authenticam) "Contrary to much popular belief the tropes were not banned by the Council of Trent - they were simply not included in the 1570 Missal..."

There is a Missal in Lambeth Palace Library from either 1574 or 1576 that has a musical appendix that includes several troped Kyrie settings and a troped Gloria for Marian feasts.