Monday, 5 April 2010

Some recommended music

Any readers who are choir directors, or friends of choir directors, may be interested in listening to the Missa brevis by the English composer Nicholas Wilton.

Nicholas is a friend of long standing of Rubricarius and the Saint Lawrence Press and produced a CD of choral music several years ago.

I recently heard his latest composition, the Missa brevis, and it reveals development and maturity of the composer's style. I found the Kyrie, unusual for settings of the Kyrie in being completely polyphonic, and the Gloria particularly pleasing. The whole Mass is rather delightful and deserves to be widely performed IMHO. The composition can be heard on MP3 files from the composer's website. Samples of the sheet music are also available for inspection on the site. Copies of the music may be bought by following the link on the website.

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