Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Tuesday after the Second Sunday after Pascha

The Office today is the ferial Office of Paschaltide. The day is of simple rite.

At Mattins the Paschal invitatory is sung. The psalms of the nocturn are sung under the antiphon Alleluia. The versicle Surrexit Dominus vere, alleluia is sung with the response Et apparuit Simoni, alleluia. The absolution is Ipsius pietas etc. The lessons are a continuation of the Acts of the Apostles (chapters 17 and 18). In place of a third responsory the Te Deum is sung. At Lauds the psalms are again sung under the antiphon Alleluia. The antiphon on the Benedictus is proper, the collect of the previous Sunday. The Commemoration of the Cross is then sung.

At Prime and the Hours the hymns are sung with the Doxology and tone of Paschaltide. At the reading of the Martryrology the first entry is the announcement of tomorrows great feast of the Solemnity of St. Joseph: Solemnitas sancti Joseph Sponsi beatae Mariae Virginis, Confessoris, quem Pius Nonus Pontifex Maximus, votis et precibus annuens totius catholici orbis, universalis Ecclesiae Patronum declaravit.

Mass is sung after Sext. The Mass formulary is of the previous Sunday. The Gloria is sung, the second collect is Concede nos, the third collect Ecclesiae or for the pope. The Creed is not said (it never is on days of simple rite), the preface is of Paschaltide.

Vespers are first Vespers of the great feast of the Solemnity of St. Joseph, Sponse of the BVM and Patron of the Universal Church. Where resources permit six pluvialistae in pariti assist the Hebdomadarius. The antiphons are sung with the psalms for Apostles and are particularly beautiful:

Jacob autem genuit Joseph, virum Mariae, de qua natus est Jesus, qui vocatur Christus, alleluia. Ps. 109 Dixit Dominus etc

Missus est, Angelus Gabriel a Deo in civitatem Galilaeae, cui nomen Nazareth, ad Virginem desponsatam viro, cui nomen erat Joseph, alleluia. Ps. 110 Confitebor tibi etc

Ascendit autem Joseph a Galilaea de civitate Nazareth in Judaeam, in civitatem David, quae vocatur Bethlehem, alleluia. Ps. 111 Beatus vir etc

Et venerunt festinantes, et invenerunt Mariam, et Joseph, et Infantem positum in praesepio, alleluia. Ps. 112 Laudate, pueri etc

Et ipse Jesus erat incipiens quasi annorum triginta, ut putabatur, filius Joseph, alleluia. Ps. 116 Laudate Dominum etc

The chapter is Benedictiones patris and the Office hymn Te Joseph celebrent agmina Caelitum. The antiphon on the Magnificat and collect are proper to the feast. At Compline the Domincal psalms are sung, Te lucis is sung with the Doxology of the tone of Paschaltide.

In the 'liturgical books of 1962' the Commemoration of the Cross is excised from Lauds. At the Hours the Paschaltide Doxology is not sung. At Mass there is one collect. At Prime there is no announcement of the feast of the Solemnity of St. Joseph as it was completely scrapped by Pius XII. More on that tomorrow. Vespers are of the ferial day.

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