Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Within the Paschal Octave

Tuesday within the Octave was another Double of the First Class, the Office being as on the Feast but with a proper versicle and response, lessons and responsories at the nocturn of Mattins and proper antiphons at the Benedictus and Magnificat and collects. At Vespers a commemoration was sung of St. Peter Canisius.

At the Hours there are no antiphons as noted in previous posts and the psalms are sung to the Paschal tone 2. In response to a comment the tone is below:

Today, Thursday, Friday and Saturday are all days within the Octave of semi-double rite. However, as the Octave is a Privileged one of the First Order, no feast of whatever rank may displace these days. The Office is as on the feast but the antiphons are not doubled at Mattins, Lauds and Vespers. The lessons, responsories etc are proper to each day. The Mass for each day of the Octave also has proper texts. Today a commemoration of St. Peter Canisus is sung at Lauds and in the Mass. At Mass the Gloria is sung, the sequence Victimae paschali laudes and the Creed are sung. The preface, communicantes and Hanc igitur are as on the Feast. At Vespers today commemorations are sung of St. Paul of the Cross, St. Peter Canisius and St. Vitalis.

Tomorrow commemorations are sung of St. Paul of the Cross and St. Vitalis at Lauds and at Mass. At Vespers commemorations are sung of St. Peter Martyr and St. Paul of the Cross.

On Friday a commemoration is sung at Lauds and at Mass of St. Peter Martyr. At Vespers commemorations are sung of St. Catharine of Siena and St. Peter Martyr.


Acolytus said...

Rubricarius, help!

Following the ordo we see that S George is suppressed in the general calendar this year, but in England we have to fit him in.

A cursory inspection of the transferences in the week after Low Sunday suggests that S George as national patron takes the Monday, with the Invention of the Cross on the Tueday, and S Mark and SS Philip and James fighting over the next two day. I assumed S Mark will come first.

Will I be saying the offices on the correct days?



Rubricarius said...


Actually I have just been going through this very issue with a good friend by email.

On Sunday at Vespers: Vespers of St. George, commemoration of the Sunday.

Monday: St. George (without Octave). Commemoration of St. Athanasius at Lauds and in private Masses. In II Vespers a commemoration of the following.

Tuesday: Invention of the Holy Cross. Vespers of the feast, commemorations of SS Philip and James and St. Monica.

Wednesday: SS Philip and James. Commemoration of St. Monica at Lauds and Mass. Vespers of the feast, commemorations of St. Mark, S Pius V and St. Monica.

Thursday: St. Mark. Commemoration of St. Pius V at Lauds & Mass. Vespers of the feast, commemoration of St. John before the Latin Gate and St. Pius V.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this ; a help in desperate times.

Rubricarius said...

Oops, I omitted something from the above for England:

Weds: Ninth lesson of St. Monica at Mattins of SS P&J;

Thurs: Ninth lesson of St.Pius V at Mattins of St. Mark.

Acolytus said...

Rubricarius, thank-you indeed for this!

Do we assume S Mark comes second because he is not an Apostle? Since the feasts are equal I know we then look to the dignity of the saint, and to tell the truth I did not consult the Litany for their positions, but the reason I suggested S Mark as coming first was that I thought Evangelists might have rarity value.

Like many others I am sure, I find your Ordo indispensable and without which the office would take twice as long to say.
Over the last fortnight I have had the pleasure of using one of the Desclee combined Missals and Breviaries from 1895, but as I begin to face next week, panic set in and help is needed!
It is good to be able to consult your immense expertise online. All in the Church concerned for the living tradition should be grateful.

Will a full post be offered to general readers with these details under their own heading so they reach the widest audience?

With grateful thanks,


Rubricarius said...


Thank you - glad to be of use.

Basically, yes. SS P&J are higher in the Litany than St. Mark; SS P&J is also a former holyday which St. Mark is not.

There are a whole set of considerations: rite, solemnity, quality of primary or secondary, dignity and quality of proper to be taken into account.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rubricarius,

What about the Martyrs of England and Wales on 4th May?

Jason said...


What do we do about the Feast of the Holy English and Welsh Martyrs with the additional Collect for England, which is usually kept on May 4th in England?

For Mass, would the running order be:SS Philip and James, with Commemorations of The English & Welsh Martyrs, St. Monica, and finally the Collect for England?

Many thanks

Rubricarius said...

Jason (and Anonymous),


Anonymous said...

Thank you. In your following post, you mention the difference between rationabile and rationabiles in the Introit - I wasn't sure whether I'd understood correctly, but did the 62 Missal restore the traditional form? Also, I have an inherent feeling I shouldn't approve of the feast of St Joseph the Worker, but I'm not able to explain the reasons - can anyone put forward some good reasons I can give should I ever be questioned (apart from the obvious one of disgarding the perfectly beautiful feast of St Joseph's Patronage and the use of the new Psalter in the Mass!). Please excuse my ignorance.

Rubricarius said...

Dear Anonymous,

As far as I am aware, no: Mons. B. talks about the older form not being rational.

I fear I am rather tied up with a piece of writing at the moment but think your instincts are obviously sound. Joe the Worker Day is execrable in the extreme and an absolute disgrace - more later.