Friday, 15 May 2009

More recommended reading

The excellent series by Gregory DiPippo on the Pius XII reforms of the liturgy for Holy Week that was recommended here has had two further chapters added.

Signor DiPippo writes here about the times of the services. Criticism of the Traditional forms usually focuses on the ceremonies being celebrated at putatively incorrect times. Signor DiPippo demonstrates that whatever the 'correct' times were the 1956 novelties are certainly celebrated at times with even greater variance than the Traditional rites.

A further article here describes how some of the 1956 changes were dropped in the 1970-2002 editiones typicae and some of the ancient and traditonal praxis restored rather mirroring my post on 'New, New Holy Week.'

Not recommended, but of interest, is a series of photographs of the 1956 Holy Week novelties being celebrated a month ago can be found for the "Solemn Afternoon Liturgical Action" here and singing to the Paschal Candle here. They really do look very strange indeed.


Anonymous said...


All the French (SSPX) priests that I know do not wear the Biretta. Is there a problem with the Biretta?

Rubricarius said...

I suspect the problem does not lie with the Biretta but with those who are supposed to wear it.

Adulio said...

The peculiar habit is only limited to France. In England and Ireland, the SSPX clergy wear birettas.

It probably has more to do with the fact that Archbishop Lefebrve never wore one himself as a priest, because the order he originally belong to, never used them. So the silly froggy clergy copied him as a result.

Anonymous said...


Our parish church in Kenya in the early sixties was run by the English speaking wing of the Holy Ghost Fathers, mostly Irish priests. If I remember well, they used to wear birettas.

Must be something to do with the French. A pity they have entrusted themselves the task of negotiating with Rome ......