Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Resting - but, thankfully, not (yet) in my tomb!

Rubricarius is suffering from 'post-Triduum fatigue syndrome' so is taking a short break before, retrospectively, blogging on Paschal Mattins.

Meanwhile some extremely interesting reading suggestions.

The excellent series by Signor Gregory DiPippo. Quite the finest thing I have read about the deforms in a long time by an outstanding practitioner:

On the reform of blessing of Palms on Palm Sunday.

The reform of the Masses of Palm Sunday and the first three days of Holy Week.

The reform of Maundy Thursday.

The reform of Good Friday here and here.

The reform of Tenebrae.

The reform of Holy Saturday here and here.

And the very lastest on the reform, or rather abolition, of the Vigil of Pentecost here.

Two articles on the Ceremonies of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday in the Papal Court of Pius XI posted on the New Liturgical Movement. It is sad that these photographs are not in colour as the pope would be seen in red on Good Friday, the cardinals in their 'winter violet' choir dress and the cardinal-celebrant and cardinal-ministers in black vestments for the Mass of the Pre-Sanctified.

Finally, a series of posts by Fr. Anthony Cekada on the Holy Week reforms. Fr. Cekada rightly points out the embryonic 'cult of the chair' to be found in the revisions.


Anonymous said...

Rubricarius, our local SSPX prior(in a part of the Asia District) wants us to sit, and sing, with him at the Gloria and Credo at Sung Masses. I don't recall doing such things in my childhood days before Vatican II. Is this correct procedure and must people be forced to obey? His explanations about sitting and standing in front of the Throne of God in Heaven sounded as so much trite.

John Canda said...

Is it alright to say the Rosary, or at least the Sorrowful Mysteries, during Mass?

Rubricarius said...

I think that having the liturgy sung is a big plus point. Having said that when singing in church the customary position is to stand. The celebrant singing the Gloria and Credo is a '1965' rubric.

On balance far better to have the liturgy sung than not at all.

Rubricarius said...

De gustibus... Personally I would join in the singing but there cannot be anything wrong in praying.

John Canda said...

Thank you very much indeed, Rubricarius. What does Pope St. Pius X really mean when he said: "Do not pray the Holy Mass; pray the Holy Mass."?

Rubricarius said...

I think his point was that it is better to pray the texts of Mass than be engaged in another form of prayer during Mass. Do remember that in those days the vast majority of Masses would not have been sung or high but twenty minute said Masses.

BTW I am working on the Tre'Ore - apologies for the delay.

John Canda said...

Thank you very much indeed, Rubricarius. I am looking forward to your article.