Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The Sacred Triduum

I have prepared several posts covering the Sacred Triduum. I have tried to illustrate these posts with photographs taken over several years at the Triduum celebrated by the Rev. Dr. T.C.G. Glover JCD, a former priest of the Roman Oratory, who celebrated the Sacred Triduum according to the Old Roman rite from the mid-1980s until his retirement in 1995. Dr. Glover served several Mass centres in the North of England and celebrated the Triduum in the Union Debating Chamber of the University of Durham. The first post will (hopefully!) be automatically posted tomorrow afternoon for Tenebrae of Maundy Thursday. What was, I believe, unique about the 'Glover Triduum' is that all the Office functions were celebrated for the Triduum along with the major services with the exception of the Mandatum.

There is so much one could blog about the Triduum but I have had to keep to a bare minimum as I shall be away from tomorrow until Easter Sunday. There are no prizes for guessing what I will be doing! Any comments will be posted on Sunday as I shall not have Internet access from tomorrow afternoon.

One of the most important aspects of liturgy, IMHO, is emplotment and narrativity. I see the arrangement of the Triduum as a good example and this was driven home to me by the 'Glover praxis'. The exceptional, seasonal, functions are emploted into the cursus of the Liturgical day.

May all readers have a blessed Triduum and a holy, and joyous, Pascha.

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